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Way to Success!!

We are going to show you a better guide to earn money online. We hope you know what Neobux is. We will be happy if you are benefited by our post. We want to help people make money with PTC, particularly Neobux. We focus on Neobux because it is currently the PTC with the largest member base in the world. 3 million+ people have already signed up. Hundreds thousands of people log in every day and that is a rich source of traffic for many advertisers.
Unfortunately most people start Neobux the wrong way. They join with much optimism, hoping they can make some decent money without a proper plan. That's why today we are going to cover some fundamental tips on succeeding with Neobux.

1. The free way is the slow way.
When some one started Neobux, they looked at as a way to make money without spending any money. Thats great if you are a patient person, but the down side is that if you do not invest anything, it will take a while for you to earn money, especially if you make 0.001 per click. If you put in $5.00 to $10.00 initially and rent some referrals, you will get ahead of the game a lot faster than others.

2. Maintaining rented referrals.
Rented referrals (RR) is the name of the game at Neobux. Simply put the more RR's you have & the more money you will make. You want to make sure you keep whatever ones you have. Turn on auto-renew and leave it on. To monitor your referrals activities, Neobux has a color system. This system lets you know whether you are profiting (green), breaking even (yellow) or losing money (red). Constantly recycle inactive RRs. Recycling costs 0.07 and it is better to recycle in the long run.
With the RR's on auto-renew, you are paying for the upkeep of these referrals. You want to constantly recycle until you have a high average (2.0 or higher). For standard members, anything less than 2.0 means you are losing money. Keep recycling until you have a team of active users. I recommend recycling anyone that has not clicked in 4 days.

3. Build up for Golden.
When you reach 250 RR's, keep autopay on. It will pay for your RR's and save you 10% on rental fees. When you can afford it, renew the RR's for 90 days, and disable the autopay. This will save you 20% to 30% in fees over time. Continue to build up your RR's until you have 300.
Do not upgrade to golden until you've had at least 300 RR's. It will be tough to get RR's when you are golden, as you can only rent at certain times of the day. Our recommendation is- when you have $120 in your account, upgrade to Golden it’s costs $90 and the rest of the $30 goes towards rentals.

4. Direct Referrals.
Anybody who has used PTC will agree that direct referrals are the way to go because they are completely free to keep. Finding direct referrals, however, is a challenge for many. Please visit our blog for more tips & information to get an army of direct referrals.

5. Cashing Out.
Finally, the part we have been working for. Once you have a clicking army, you will be profiting. Make sure you save enough money for rental fees and such. If you'd like, you can save some money for future upgrades (to ultimate). You may only cashout once per week, so factor that in your math.

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